Friday, November 25, 2022

You & I, the Colorful Heartache!



 You & I 

There is no doubt that ancient Mesopotamians are the creators of the writing system that dates back to the Clay Tokens period in the eighth millennium, BC. The earliest forms of writing were pictographs (meaning "picture words") where the sign resembles the object which represents: grain, hand, foot, male, female, bird, bull, pig, fish, etc. Those early symbols were made to be understood by average people. For example, male and female symbols were simply depicted by their sexual organs, while bull, pig, and dog were depicted by their head features. Using the male and female symbols has nothing to do with intimacy other than specifying gender.

My artwork, which is based on the Logogramism style, focuses on contemporary subjects and challenges from personal feelings and daily experiences to global issues. However, I have been working diligently since founding this style to improve and explore wider and deeper meanings and values for each of these most archaic Mesopotamian pictographs that were particularly created to represent daily life's needs. This kind of enhancement in visual communication is what makes my work timeless and makes its exceptional style one-of-a-kind.

 Concerning the visual elements, I used many compelling pictograph signs from the dominant ones such as male, female, and mountains, to the supporting ones, such as plants, trees, fish, snakes, water, land, and more. The technique used in achieving this artwork is a mix of oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas.

 In closing, this painting is inspired by my 2017 poem You & I which is about love, chaos, and beyond. If there is someone quite important in your life, then hold on to him/her, because there is nothing that rejoices or aches like love. You will never feel alive unless you are in love. “Love has no sky and no bottom”. ~ Amer

 What between the two of us

Is a sea

That has no sky

And no bottom

What between the two of us

Is love

That cannot be hidden by a thousand masks

 Subject: You & I

Technique: Oil, Acrylic & Mixed-Media on Canvas

Measurements: 36 x 36 Inches

Date: 2022

Price: $30,000

Sunday, November 13, 2022

The Darkness of My Soul


An Old Portrait of My Soul

Since youth, I trained myself to survive losses and reorient my life path. Being wise does not mean not making mistakes but learning from them to improve my life and my art. I was and I still am struggling with my big dreams that were never simple or easily achievable.

An artwork is not just a beautiful piece of art that some art lover would hang on the wall or from the ceiling. It is the manifestation of the artist's appeal intended to stop the chaos, enrich the life around us, and strengthen the light that can defeat the inside and outside darkness.

The Darkness of My Soul is one of many miniature artworks I started creating in the late 1980s to enhance the vision and the technique of my one-of-a-kind style, Logogramism.

           The technique I used in this artwork portrays color ink and aquarelle on texture paper. I also used a rubbing technique to create the pictograph symbol of the dark moon, especially carving tools and sharp blades that I usually use to produce a woodcut piece.

Subject: The Darkness of My Soul

Technique: Mixed Media on paper

Measurements: 10x10 Cm

Date: 1992

Price: $5,000

Wednesday, November 9, 2022




 The Unstoppable Paramour! 

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. When you experience deep love for another person, you want to share your entire world with her/him. When you are in love you do not care about the social roles i.e., religion, nationality, education, class difference, etc. Love is like art; it has no red lines!

Lovers is another work made using the Logogramism Art Style. However, like my other artworks, Lovers does not fall within the category of historical imitation of the pictorial writing symbols nor follow the historical detailing. It is simply an artistic artwork that unites my emotions as an artist and the specification of contemporary art techniques whether the known ones or the ones that I have created and practiced since the late 80’s.

This artwork contains four main ancient Mesopotamian pictograph symbols, a female, a servant female, a lady, and a male. Moving between these three females intended to explore life and find true love. This artwork is a mixture between traditional painting and 3D sculpture.

Subject: Lover

Technique: Acrylic on Stretcher Bars, Hard-canvas, Gravel, threads, and cords.

Measurements: 43 x 56 Inches

Date: 2022

Price: $35,000

Monday, October 31, 2022



When The Sky Above Was Not Named

e-nu-ma e-liš la na-bu-ú šá-ma-mu

 As an American artist who is a fan of the Land of Eden, the cradle of civilization, also known as ancient Mesopotamia. I found, since my youth the mythology of Enūma Eliš   (when on high/ when the sky above) aka by scholars as The Seven Tablets of Creation, an inspiring theme that could be envisioned through my artwork, especially my latest style, Logogramisim.

 Enūma Eliš or the Babylonian Genesis was an inspiring foundation for the Hebrew scribes. Enūma Eliš also confirms the accuracy of the biblical Book of Genesis. Thus, the 2022 artwork Genesis is derived from the Hebrew biblical genesis and the Babylonian myth known as Enūma Eliš. The artwork is made of a four-piece painting that depicts through the Logogramis style the first Tablet of Creation, which I created it using my unique technique of mixed media on canvas. The assembling of the Genesis artwork also expresses Babylon's Cosmology perception.

However, the four-part artwork is all about art and the way I interpret the biblical and Mesopotamian subjects into art. The assembled tower of the four-part work reflects the structure of the Great Ziggurat of Ur, where Abraham the father of the Hebrew nation, lived before being called to the promised land.

The first three layers, from bottom to top, represent Earth (Ki), Water (Abzu), and Air (Enlil). while the top part represents Heaven (Anu). Dealing with four different environments requires implicating diverse compositions, that affect the way the subject is perceived and understood. This work also requires a main mono-color perspective with additional colored strokes, that take into consideration the hue, value, and intensity of the colors as well as various textures, which give the desired impression of a smooth or rough surface.

 Subject: Genesis

Technique: Acrylic & Oil colors on Canvas, with mixed media and additional materials

Measurements: 12 x 16 each plus 6 Inches of space (Installation is required)

Date: 2022

Price: $22,000

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Good Morning Me!

 Every Morning Is A Gift!

Every day is a gift and that is a simple fact. On the brightest or even on most rainy days, the genuine smiles of those to whom you are attached make the day!

Morning is the most important time of the day because how you spend your mornings predicts how you will spend the rest of the day. When you start your day with a positive mindset, of course, your day will most likely be successful. When it comes to choosing between starting my day with a beautiful, but toxic woman, and starting my day alone with a positive feeling, I will definitely choose greetings and cheering myself alone in the morning!

            Having love is essential, but how could you love others if you do not love yourself? Good Morning Me! is an open book to my soul that shows my inner side belief: Love and Let Love.

When it comes to the common practice that ties my work (poems & paintings), I usually write the poem and leave it to time to reshape it as an artwork. This might take weeks, months, or sometimes years to create the visual work, whether as a painting or sculpture. Sometimes it will never happen. It is a 50-50 chance!

            Good Morning Me! is one of a few exceptional artworks that were created first as a painting (in 2006) and then later (in 2009) it hit me as a poem when I was stationed overseas.

The nicely executed style I used in Good Morning Me! successfully reflects my feelings and experience on canvas. What makes this artwork so powerful is the mix of oil and acrylic colors on some areas of the canvas, as well as the freedom to add layers of different elements. It is also a mix between the geometric abstract background and the freehand implementation of the pictograph symbols. This kind of play with both geometric shapes and freehand strokes of the heavy and light brushes and other carving tools creates a captivating texture that gives the audience a challenging view of a diverse impression of unlimited beauty, tenderness, and calculated surface to work with. Although a tough process, it is fun and quite enchanting.

Subject: Good Morning Me
Technique: Acrylic on Canvas
Measurements: 36 x 36 Inches
Date: 2006
Price: $30,000 

Sunday, October 23, 2022

No More Paradise!



             Since man has walked the Earth, the Land of Eden was the source of almost all of humanity's gifts. However, greed and envy showered this blessed land with all kinds of evil and suffering. It would seem as if this holy land is cursed!

I cannot understand how it could wars and misery take place in this ancient land that painted for the entire world the blueprint of civilization!

How it could the beauty of knowledge be in the same pot with the ugliness of violations against the basic foundations of human rights?

           Watching what the forces of evil are doing to ruin the land of Eden, especially within the more recent decades, is giving me endless heartache. It seems that the imaginary powers of the mythical deities Enki and Enlil are pointlessly struggling since the great flood of Utnapishtim[1] until now. It also seems that we, the artists, have to put an end to this chaos!

            The technique used in achieving this artwork is a mix of oil, woodcut, and mixed media, while the pictograph signs Kur (displacement & hell) and Mash (intersection) were backed with two deities' pictorial symbols (Ea and Enlil). The background composition is also derived from a Logogramic sign that symbolizes Kish (the land or universe). 

Subject: No More Paradise

Technique: Oil, Woodcut & Mixed-Media

Measurements: 50 x 50 Cm | 19.68 x 19.68 Inches

Date: 1994

Price: $20,000

[1] Utnapishtim is the Babylonian Noah, who was instructed by the god Ea/Enki to save humanity and all the world's specie from the great flood forced on Eart by the god Enlil. This mythical event was part of the Epic of Gilgamesh, regarded as the earliest surviving notable literature. 

Friday, October 21, 2022

Acknowledgment - Prof. Roy Gessford

 A man's friendships are one of the best measures of his worth.  ~ Charles Darwin

 I am deeply indebted to Prof. Roy Gessford from for his continuous and tireless efforts in proofreading and editing most of the Blog's articles. This endeavor would not have been possible without his sincere commitment to making the published articles on this Blog easily readable and more understandable by various art lovers and interested readers. Brother Roy, words cannot express my gratitude.

Amer Hanna Fatuhi

PS. The photo was taken at atelier a on October 15, 2022.

Friday, October 14, 2022

September Rain


Only September Rain Can Turn Us All Into Lovers! 

The artwork September Rain represents a profound feeling and the inspiration for September Rain was derived from a combination of one of my old poems that I wrote in my youth and September Blue, a song written and sung by one of my favorite singers, Chris Rea. The painting depicts the artist’s inner feelings, which projects him being in the middle of heavy rain of interested women but the one he cares for most is not around.

The entire surface of the canvas is filled with one single Logogramic sign that symbolizes the word female in the Pictographic writing system from the Land of Eden (ancient Mesopotamia).

This symbol sal/MI (female) is repeated in many sizes, shapes, colors, and textures to fill the entire canvas, which represents the artist's world. One can notice that, despite filling the entire surface, something is missing - and that is what makes this painting so alive, dynamic and so powerful.

September Rain is about true love that can move mountains and cross the seven seas with just one longing thought or one tender look from the one you love!

Subject: September Rain

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

Measurements: 36 x 36 Inches

Date: 2022

Price: $30,000

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sweet & Happy Rosh Hashanah


Happy New Year to You All

Shanah Tovah

Sweet & Happy

“May this time of reflection usher in a year of love, laughter, and sweet blessings for you and your family.” With Love & Respect ~ AHF

Thursday, September 15, 2022

The First Paradise and Love That Conquers All!


The First Paradise and Love That Conquers All!

                                                 The First Paradise

  The technique used in The First Paradise is a unique combination of both light carving and scraping, followed by immediate layers of mixed media instead of using acid into a metal plate as in lithography. The entire artwork is executed freely with high-speed scraping and immediate filling of the scraped area with ink and other media. 

 There are many versions of the first paradise found in many forms around the globe. However, the most ancient and appealing ones are the Babylonian and the Hebrew biblical versions of The Land of Eden which both have somewhat amazing similarities. This artwork is derived from the Babylonian Genesis and the Hebrew biblical versions to show and enjoy through art the theme of love, knowledge, and the conflict between good and evil.

 Europeans used the apple as a symbol that drove Adam and Eve from heaven; however, the Akkadian-Babylonian version used a more accurate fruit, the date, which is the symbol of sexuality used for thousands of years as part of the sacred marriage rituals (Hashadu).

           Thus, the date palm tree plays the central visual element in the composition of this artwork, while the other symbols, i.e., the male, the female, the birds, the fish, the water, the moon in the sky, and the serpent are playing the supporting roles, perfecting the scene!


Subject: The First Paradise

Technique: M/P, light Carving with Mixed-Media

Measurements: 16x11.1/8 Inch

Date: 1993

Price: $20,000


Saturday, September 10, 2022

A Visit to a Universe!


A Visit to a Universe!

The Many Corners of Beauty

 An open field, a wide sea, and a high sky make me feel like I am part of a universe, but my personal space where I can breathe beauty is my true universe!

Leonardo da Vinci once stated, “An artist's studio should be a small space because small rooms discipline the mind and large ones distract it”. Therefore, I love being in my small studio because it is the perfect space for inspiration and creation.

Welcome to atelier a, where my art gives me joy and promotes a positive mood. In my private studio where I am capable of reshaping both my inside and outside worlds through art, I am the lord of my destiny.

However, I am not here to fix the world but to enjoy it while diving away from the daily discomfort into calm music and radiant, saturated colors.

Although my studio looks like a war zone, I love my studio like a bird loves her own nest.

PS. In the hallway between the main door and my studio, you can enjoy some of the artworks that I created before the Logogramism period.


Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Bull & Female

The Ultimate Beauty of Neutral Colors in Logogramism!

 Bull & Female

             Bull & Female is a mono-color (Neutral Color) artwork made by using two techniques: light carving and scraping followed by immediate layers of mixed media instead of using acid into a metal plate as in lithography. The entire artwork is executed freely with high-speed scraping and immediate filling of the scraped area with ink and other media.

 The idea behind this one-of-a-kind artwork is that life required passionate lovers (male & female). Those who are familiar with the pictograph symbols could figure out that I have mixed both ancient symbols to create a new image that has both meanings, i.e., a bull and a female in one symbol that could be easily read as a bull as well as a female. However, this piece is not an inscription but rather an art.

 In art, you create a more artistic new world from old traditional ones by implanting an expression of skill or imagination on canvas or 3D media. Art is all about appreciating beauty and innovation, but more importantly, eliciting emotional communication, to evolve and move humanity toward a better and peaceful future.


Subject: Bull & Female

Technique: Light Carving with Mixed Media

Measurements: 16.25 x 11.25

Date: 1992

Price: $20,000



Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades

The Ongoing Circle of Joy & Pain


The ace of spades is traditionally the highest and most valued card in the deck of playing cards in English-speaking countries. However, in the French fortune-telling tradition, an ace of spades indicates bad luck or death in one's future. This superstition eventually led to the ace of spades being known as the "death card."

Between being the most significant element in life and the reason behind personal end is quite chaotic. It is simply like love that one moment makes one feel lighter than a feather, walking in joy on the clouds, and in another sad and blue beyond words, to a level that you can not move your feet, and when you breathe you feel an ultimate pain in each breath!

The central piece of my two-part artwork Ace of Spades. shows a bird made of five pictograph symbols: a man and a bird trying to fly away, while an arrow wedge-shaped head symbolizes a female going through the bird’s heart.

 The bird is also surrounded by three pictograph symbols: the three mountains represent alienation, a dark crescent with lines of rays representing the night, darkness, and hardship, while beneath the bird is flowing water that represents hope.

             The technique is quite captivating because it mixes the visual texture made of layers of ocher oil color on top of many fast strokes made by many acrylic colors mixed with freehand touches made by drawing tools and a litho round etching needle.

 The central piece is placed inside a shape made out of strips of fabric that are crossed intricately together to symbolize home in pictograph symbols. The home which represents a comfort zone is located inside the main frame in ocher, representing the land (earth). The home also contains troubling forms, i.e, snakes and other ambiguous shapes that give the viewer the sense of instability.

     This artwork represents the endless struggle between life and death, love and depart, and joy and pain!


Subject: The Ace of Spades

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas, Stretcher Bars, & Burlap Ribbons

Measurements: 36 x 24 & 9 x 12 Inches (Need to be installed)

Date: 2006

Price: $20,000